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Our Schools

The IEA was formed in 1976 and currently operates 18 schools and a TAFE Vocational Education college, which operates campuses in Lae and Port Moresby and online courses.

The IEA is a not-for-profit company limited by shares and registered in Papua New Guinea. Shares are allocated to IEA school associations. The company operates under the strategic and decision-making authority of the IEA Board of Directors. Daily operations are under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer, appointed by the IEA Board. Individual schools are under the management of a principal. In addition, each school has a local school board with some delegated authority from the IEA Board.

The International Education Agency provides high quality private education, meeting the needs of individual learners in a caring environment. Typical total student enrolment in from pre-school to Grade 12 is 5,000 and an additional 500 adult learners in vocational and workplace training.

In all our schools and colleges, we aim to achieve Five Key Outcomes. These outcomes govern our approach to all areas of work and interactions.

We help all our students to…
  • be self-directing
  • communicate effectively
  • behave ethically
  • work collaboratively
  • analyse and solve problems.

In the early years (pre-school) and grades Prep to G8, all our schools use the IEA Curriculum, which reflects best practice from a range of school systems. It is a child-centered outcomes curriculum which meets the developmental needs of all learners. New curriculums were released in 2016 for mathematics and English in 2017. Other subjects include science, society and environment, technology, health and personal development. Children also participate in a range of sports and arts activities.

An Early Years curriculum is in preparation and is expected to be implemented in 2024.

Students in grades 9 to 12 select a range study depending on student needs, including:

  • International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • Australian Capital Territory Year 12 Certificate
  • Cambridge Pathways
  • PNG Higher School Certificate
  • PNG School Certificate
  • TAFE Certification that can be used to gain Australian qualifications.

The IEA employs teachers, trainers and executive staff from all over the world, although most are drawn from Papua New Guinea, Australia, North America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and other English-speaking school systems. Currently, the IEA employs 300 teachers and over 700 ancillary and support staff in Head Office and in schools.

In implementation of digital technologies, the IEA was a leader in the region in using ICT to support and manage administration, financial management, HR, payroll, and curriculum delivery.

Schools have currently varying degrees of success in implementing IT to support student learning through computer labs and mobile (laptop) access. Network and Internet access is improving across PNG and IEA is implementing processes to maximise this. For over twenty years, the IEA has provided a one-to-one laptop for teachers’ programme, which has delivered increased teacher computer literacy and assisting teachers in doing their job.

The IEA works to maintain and extend its traditional position as providing the best lifelong education in PNG.


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