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Revolutionizing Education: IEA PNG's Success with Seven Steps to Writing Success

An IEA PNG Teacher with student during a writing lesson.

The International Education Agency (IEA) of Papua New Guinea has embarked on a transformative journey in education, embracing the Seven Steps to Writing Success—an evidence-based program pioneered by Jen McVeity. Unlike conventional approaches that focus narrowly on spelling and grammar, McVeity contends that writing is fundamentally about effective communication, a vital skill crucial for success in various facets of life.

The Seven Steps program has achieved widespread recognition in Australia, with teachers from over half of the nation's schools joining the thriving Seven Steps community. McVeity's program, renowned for its curriculum-aligned training and resources, has earned numerous industry awards. However, it is the individual success stories that truly underscore the program's profound impact.

A compelling success story unfolds in Papua New Guinea under the guidance of Wayne Kirk, previously the Education Advisor for IEA PNG and currently the Principal of Kimbe International School. Recognizing the complexity of teaching writing and the challenges faced by teachers lacking confidence and skills in this area, Kirk saw an opportunity for improvement.

Leveraging his prior experience with the Seven Steps program in Queensland, Kirk introduced it to the 17 IEA PNG schools under his purview. He orchestrated training sessions with the Seven Steps team, empowering leading teachers who, in turn, disseminated their newfound knowledge to their colleagues.

The outcomes were nothing short of remarkable, with the Seven Steps proving transformative for students attending IEA PNG schools throughout PNG.

Crucially, Seven Steps has not only elevated students' writing prowess but has also bolstered teachers' confidence, knowledge, and skills in effective writing instruction. Kirk attests to the infectious enthusiasm shared by teachers across the IEA PNG schools, emphasizing the joy and fun experienced in daily writing sessions.

Mr. Wayne Kirk, who is currently Principal of Kimbe International School

For parents considering an IEA PNG school for their child in 2024, this success story is just one of the many innovations awaiting their children within the IEA educational framework. The adoption of the Seven Steps program serves as a testament to IEA's unwavering commitment to providing a cutting-edge, holistic education. To learn more about the transformative initiatives at IEA PNG, visit our website at or explore any IEA PNG school near you today. Your child's educational journey towards effective communication and academic excellence commences here, promising a future of success and achievement.