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Empowering Papua New Guinean Educators: IEA's Teacher Induction Programme

The 22 new inductees into the 2024 TIP program pose for a group picture at IEA PNG Headquarters, Ela Beach, Port Moresby.

In a recent event attended by division managers and staff of International Education Agency of PNG, at their Head Office, 22 new educators were welcomed into the IEA Teacher Induction Programme (TIP). The CEO of IEA PNG, Mr. Neal Mather, in addressing the new inductees, reaffirmed the organization's commitment to being a "people’s organization" and emphasized IEA’s dedication to upskilling the people of Papua New Guinea.

Historically, the IEA teaching force was predominantly composed of expatriates until 1991. The subsequent Localization Initiative in 1992 marked a pivotal moment in IEA's history, aiming to empower Papua New Guinean educators. Today, over 75% of the current IEA teaching workforce proudly comprises Papua New Guinean Nationals. Furthermore, more than 60% of IEA schools are now led by Papua New Guinean principals, showcasing the resounding success of the Localization Program and the organization's commitment to nurturing local leadership.

At the heart of IEA's dedication to professional development lies the Centre for Professional Development (CPD), a beacon of ongoing support for teachers. Within this framework, the Teacher Induction Programme (TIP) stands out as a vital component, tailored to meet the specific needs of new Papua New Guinean teachers joining the IEA family.

The TIP is meticulously designed for qualified teachers, offering a comprehensive induction and training program. Participants undergo rigorous training in IEA pedagogy, curriculum, professionalism, and the educational environment. Success is gauged through practical teaching, assignments, course participation, and reflective practices, creating a holistic learning experience.

What sets the TIP apart is its alignment with the IEA's Performance Management criteria. In a continuous cycle of self-assessment backed by evidence, inductees are encouraged to monitor and enhance their performance, reflecting the IEA's commitment to fostering excellence in education.

The programme leverages the prior knowledge and experience of candidates, using it as a foundation for learning. School-based practical experiences, professional development activities, and CPD courses collectively create a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

Significantly, the TIP includes practicum experiences supported by school-based mentors and CPD staff. Rotations within the IEA Port Moresby schools and regional schools ensures a diverse exposure to educational contexts. Under the vigilant guidance of the Director of Education, Dr. Cherie Litwiller, and a team of CPD advisors, inductees are carefully mentored throughout their transformative journey.

IEA CPD Advisor Dessie Loniu engages with TIP inductees during a program session.

The induction of 22 new teachers into the IEA TIP signifies a significant stride toward empowering local educators and cultivating a more inclusive and diverse teaching force. As IEA PNG continues to invest in the professional development of Papua New Guinean teachers, the impact on education in the region is poised to be transformative, aligning with the organization's unwavering commitment to excellence and inclusivity. For parents considering an IEA PNG school in 2024, these initiatives underscore why IEA should be the first choice for their children's education.