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Enrolment Policy

Student Admissions

Enrolment Policy 

Minimum Age of Enrolment - (Last Modified: 4/07/2005)

Day Care

Schools which provide care facilities for children too young to enter a pre-school program, must develop a clear policy on minimum age of enrolment. The age should be determined by the school's capacity to fulfil the staffing, health and resource requirements for this type of facility.

Pre-School Entry

Pre School Schools may offer a one-year or two-year preschool program. In schools where a two-year program is offered, children can be accepted for enrolment if they turn 3 by March 31st of the enrolment year. In schools where a one-year program is provided, children must turn 4 years of age by March 31st of the enrolment year.

Primary Entry

A child must be five years old by the 31st of March in the year of commencement to be eligible for primary school enrolment. If the child has transferred from an established primary school in another system, the child must turn 5 before 1st July to be eligible to be enrolled.

Documentation Required

Proof of the age of a child must be produced before enrolment can be confirmed. Acceptable documentation for proof of age includes: passport, birth certificate, other legal documentation.

Continued Enrollment

Students may not be advanced classes without valid and reliable assessments, both academic and social, that show their ability to meet the challenges of the higher grade. Final decision on advancement lies with the IEA Director of Education.