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Early Years

The IEA has developed a world class early childhood curriculum.

What do we believe about learning in the early years?

We believe that…
  • play is the best vehicle for learning in the early years
  • intentional playful interactions with objects, materials, peers and adults lead to meaningful learning
  • learning emerges out of the young child’s desire to make sense of the world
  • the focus must be on the process of learning and not on producing a product or completing an activity
We believe that young children learn best by…
  • being active
  • investigating, exploring and indulging    their natural curiosity
  • following and developing their own interests
  • having uninterrupted blocks of time to play
  • interacting with others
  • developing relationships
  • observing what is happening around them
  • imitating the actions and behaviours of others
  • having planned adult support
  • receiving sincere, positive feedback
  • building on their confidence and self-esteem
  • having their emotional needs met
  • having the time to think and reflect

The IEA's new early years curriculum Capturing Learning is based on world's best practice for early years learning and has been established from IEA's experience.

The curriculum will be launched in 2024-25.


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