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Learners in today’s schools face many complex, diverse and uncertain global and local social, economic, political and environmental issues. Rapid technological progress, changing family and institutional structures and increasing cultural diversity all influence and are influenced by education.

The IEA School Curriculum has been developed within this dynamic environment it provides a foundation for system wide accountability, and a broad, clearly articulated policy framework within which the system management can be effectively devolved. 

The curriculum provides a guarantee of high standards to the IEA’s clients, and concise direction for school staff involved in implementing and supporting the curriculum. In support of the curriculum, the IEA is committed to the regular monitoring of school level implementation and to the provision of comprehensive, on-going curriculum support. This involvement in school level curriculum also enables the regular review of the curriculum documents in response to changing needs and new developments in education.

The IEA Board of Directors has determined that all schools will be required to operate within the curriculum framework outlined in this document.


All curriculum documents and content is copyright © by International Education Agency of Papua New Guinea and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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The IEA curriculum is accessible to download and for research purposes.

It may not be used in a non-IEA school or commercial institution without approval.