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The IEA is happy for community members or parents to do voluntary activities in our schools. This would generally be for special events such as sports days, or Independence celebrations. 

It is not allowed for volunteers to conduct work that should properly be done by a paid employee, especially a reserved occupation in PNG.

Volunteer Parents

IEA schools have a policy on parent volunteers and the activities that they can participate in. The school is not required to accept offers of voluntary work.

As the IEA has strict child protect procedures that apply in the case of volunteers.

Volunteer Teachers

A teacher will be regarded as a volunteer if they are employed on a negotiated remuneration package that is in any way less than that to which they would be entitled under the approved Terms and Conditions. A negotiated remuneration package cannot contain more than the normal entitlements.

Before such employment is approved, a teacher must acknowledge in writing to the IEA:

  • their full knowledge of their normal entitlements under the Terms and Conditions,
  • acceptance of the lower package they are prepared to accept.
  • a clear description of their agreed package.

These arrangements must have the individual approval of the Chief Executive Officer.